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About Us

FAWMM is a non-profit organization founded to help all people; regardless of who you are, where you are, what you have done, and what you look like; to overcome all types of fear. Not intrepid, or daunting but coming face to face with fear and denouncing it with FAITH. We do this by having conferences, rap sessions, motivational sessions, one on one sessions, prayer, words of affirmation, and providing life skills to help combat fear. 

FAWMM was birthed in April of 2013, through a process I dealt with where I began to have severe anxiety and panic attacks because I was fearful of death. That impending doom where I felt as if I would die took over my body, my emotions, and my mind. I lost my car, my home and almost lost my job through this process. Prior to this process,  I remember falling and hitting my head where I also experienced severe pain on the left side of my face where it was hard for me to sleep and I also lost a tremendous amount of weight. I was unable to eat so all I drank was water to sustain me but now understand that it was Jesus, the water of life that really sustained me. I went to many doctors and took many tests and all I was being told was that there was nothing wrong with me and every test came back normal. As thankful to God as I was for that; I remember still feeling alone, lost for words, and beside myself because my world was being shaken to the core and I did not understand what was going on. I would cry a lot and I felt as if God was going to allow the enemy to kill me. I literally asked God one day; sitting on the floor, with tears streaming down my face; “Are you really going to let the enemy take me out like this?” He answered and said “No, I am God and I don’t waste pain”

Meet the Team

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